Voluntary fire brigade of Techelweg

Inauguration of the fire engine and fire station, August 31, 1925 (SGA)

In 1925, the Techelweg locals founded their own fire brigade. The members came from Techelweg, Penken, Roda, Zauchen and Albersdorf. The residents of Techelweg built a simple hut as their first fire station. In 2019, the latest extension building was opened.

Fire station, 1948 (SGA) 


Water pipeline construction (SGA)

Until the 1940s, Techelweg was supplied with water via a wooden pipe from the nearby stream. In 1949, building work started on a central water and electricity supply. In 1954, there was electric light and mains water for the first time. In 1957/58, the building of a road to Schiefling followed and the first telephone cables were laid in 1963.