Mills on the water

Married couple Resei, vlg. Šlosar in front of the mill, 1950 (SPD)

The Treffnerbach stream still operated 18 mills and three sawmills in the postwar years. Most of the mills served personal usage. Only the traditional farms by the names of Šlosar, Jurč and Mlinarč were commercial.

In 1949, the long-term building project for the Velden, Augsdorf and Schiefling groundwater supply started. To access the source, a 100-metre-long passageway had to be bored into the mountain.

The localities of Roach and Raunach show how arbitrarily boundaries were drawn when forming municipalities. Theirs runs right through the site of the former Lorenzihof farm and between the residential and utility buildings of the Spieskeller estate.