Who is coming, who must go?

At the Janšej (Jansche), 1900 (SPD)

In April 1942, 227 Slovenian-speaking Carinthian families were divested of their property and interned in special camps. In Schiefling, this measure affected the culturally and politically active families Anderwald (known as Ožl), Kramer (known as Janšej), Resei (known as Šlosar), Šleicher (known as Šlajhar) and Umek (known as Kramerič). Optants from the Canal Valley (in present-day Italy) were to be settled on their properties. The Janšej property was taken over by the Mayor, who used it to house French prisoners of war. Polish forced labourers were also used in Schiefling. In summer 1945, the families returned to find their houses plundered or even destroyed.