School, teachers, officials

Class photo 1900 (SGA)

In 1813, the first school was set up in Schiefling. While the priests represented the Slovenian side, the teachers represented the German. They were initiators of the founding of German societies, such as the singing group (MGV Liederkranz in 1921) or the bank Deutsche Spar- und Darlehensbank (in 1902, based at the Pinteritsch inn), the present-day Raiffeisenbank (Raiffeisenkasse). During the Nazi regime, Slovenian was generally prohibited in schools. From 1945 to 1958 bilingual lessons were obligatory. After the signing of the Austrian State Treaty in 1955, this arrangement was vehemently opposed and finally abolished. Children now had to be registered specially for Slovenian classes, which meant a significant decline for the Slovenian language.